Sharon Hibbs - Administrative Assistant/Treasurer

The cheery voice you hear on the phone when you call the school office is our administrative assistant/finance manager, Sharon Hibbs.


Her history with the school is an extensive one, beginning as a student herself here in elementary school. Later when her own two daughters were students she accepted the office position. Students know how helpful she is and appreciate her gentleness when a band aide needs to be applied, a temperature taken or just a soothing word when the day presents a challenge.

She loves to travel. Her roster of countries visited is growing long but she’s always ready to add another adventure to her list. When she’s not working at the school she enjoys reading, gardening, hiking, swimming, music,
scrapbooking, kayaking or learning a new language. Ms. Hibbs enjoys working with young people, to help in whatever way she can, to inspire their thinking and to make a difference.